Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Geocaching While Bike Riding

Last night I got a chance to go on a bike ride with my wife and kids in Arvada.  The kids enjoy riding along parks and greenbelts, after all, it's a change of scenery compared to just riding around the street in front of our house.  Since we would be out and about anyway I figured we would try for some geocaches while we were at it.

I decided to upload a couple caches to my GPSr before the trip so that we could watch for them as I used the GPS to track our distance.  We only ended up really going by one of the caches that I though we would, but we still took the time to stop and look for it.  The kids always have to have a part in the caching, one kid found the cache and another had to put it away.

All in all, it was a fun trip, we got some exercise and got to find a new cache.  Unfortunately we forgot to bring a camera, so I will have to bring it the next time.  I think this blog needs some more pictures.  Let me know what you think about caching on bike trips and about geocaching photos.

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