Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thoughts On Travel Bugs

In my post about Introducing Some To Geocaching I mentioned that we found a travel bug in with the cache.  The frustrating thing was that the cache was supposed to be a travel bug hotel, the inventory indicated about six bugs when we went looking for it.

Now I wouldn't have taken all of them, though I do like to log them as "discovered" when there is more than one in a cache.  The missing bugs got me thinking though, wow many times have I, or you, gone to a cache expecting to find a travel bug, only to find out that someone either removed it without logging it or placed it in the cache online, while secretly keeping the travel bug? 

I enjoy finding travel bugs and I can understand the desire to keep one (with the original owners permission of course), but it is frustrating to think that I have checked a cache that was supposed have a travel bug and come up empty almost as often as actually finding them.  I have even found some bugs that were logged into a different cache in another state. 

If you find and move a travel bug or geocoin, make sure that you log it.  If you hold on to it for more than two weeks or so, send the owner an email letting them know that you will be moving the item along soon, then follow through.

Do you have any interesting travel bug stories?  Let us here them in the comment section below.

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